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Can you jump?

  1. Not everyone can skydive. There are many variables to skydiving and weight is just one of them. The parachute systems have a maximum designed weight limit. On a tandem skydive, we add up the total weight of the passenger, the gear, the Tandem Instructor to make sure we are not outside the limits of the tandem parachute equipment. If you are elderly, then there is a whole host of questions we would like to discuss with you to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for a skydive.
  1. Even if you are within the weight limit, your Body Mass Index and your body shape may make any skydive more of a risk to you.
    • On Tandem skydives, after the parachute freefall, you have all of your weight sitting on the thighs during the parachute ride down. This can make it very uncomfortable if you are overweight for your height. Nausea, loss of circulation and even unconsciousness under the parachute can happen.
    • Students sometimes have trouble lifting their legs for landing, making injury more likely
    • The harness sometimes cannot be fitted properly or safely
    • Larger passengers often have to jump with smaller tandem skydiving instructors - making their job difficult and their risk of injury greater.
    • For the Static Line student, there is more than just sitting in the harness. You have to steer and maneuver the parachute, or deal with emergencies and possible malfunctions. A larger, heavier person means a larger parachute; which means more strength is required throughout the skydive to steer and land the parachute.
    • Decreased flexibility if you are overweight or have poor body shape means that you may not be able to reach handles, fly the parachute or deal with emergency situations properly.
  2. Skydiving is NOT an amusement ride. It is a training environment. Even a freefall  tandem skydive requires the student to participate in the skydive to some degree.
  3. Vacationland Skydiving, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for the safety of our students and our instructors.  And we do not 'force' our tandem instructors to take people, even if they fall into the age or weight limits.

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